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Bat Removal Columbia

Bats are fascinating creatures. They have impressive flying skills and incredible appetites. Although bats are admirable as mammals, homeowners find it hard to appreciate their presence in their homes. These creatures are effective in finding access points to your home where they intend to breed, feed, and to nest their young. Bats typically settle in isolated, dark areas including in your shed, attic, and the crawl spaces in your home.

When this happens, a bat inspection and a bat removal service from your local bat exterminator are what you need. Continue reading to know why you need a proper bat removal service from a professional.

Removing Bats

There are a lot of indicators that point towards the presence of bats in your home. Once you hear scratching, squeaking noises in the middle of the night that are coming from your basement or from any dark corner in your home, this means there are bats that are making your home their own habitat. You can discover a bat infestation just by spotting the creatures. However, it is advisable that you minimize all contact so it is better if you hire an expert from Father & Son Pest Control to conduct a bat inspection. Bats are nocturnal creatures which means they are only active during the night to hunt and feed on insects.

Bat Removal

If by chance you discover that there is a colony of bats in your property, it is important that you act fast. Bats cause a huge mess, soil your drywall, tear down insulation, and produce lingering odors. What’s more, they can mess up with your home’s electrical wiring and put you at risk for electrocution and residential fire. The longer you let these creatures linger in your home, you will experience even bigger and worse damages. In just a week of their infestation, their droppings and urine will create an odor that is so potent that it can seep into your home’s main areas. They can also stain and discolor your walls and ceilings. Because of the extent of the damages, the cost of the repairs and restorations will multiply exponentially.

Bat Removal

Bat Removal with the Help of a Bat Exterminator

Removing bats can never be a DIY job that you can tackle. It is strongly advised that you seek the help of a bat exterminator especially one from Father & Son Pest Control to handle the problem at hand. Father & Son Pest Control specializes in bats and they only implement the best techniques in bat inspection and removal. Moreover, the specialists of Father & Son Pest Control retain the latest bat exclusion equipment and they make sure to never use harmful practices.

Bats also need to be protected, so the bat removal process must be done humanely and safely. Father & Son Pest Control will let help you check their references and they will also provide you with all the information you need when it comes to their licensing and insurance. You need to know that you are hiring a reputable, competent bat removal company and they will prove to you why they are the best in the country. Call them today and ask for more information regarding bat inspection and removal.

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